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Frequently Asked Questions


I am unable to connect to the device using Bluetooth

The device uses Bluetooth 4.0 with a maximum range of 10-20 metres. Please make sure you are within range of the master device to communicate successfully. Also make sure that the master device has been placed into bluetooth mode by pressing BUTTON 2 (Bluetooth). 

Why did my Bluetooth disconnect during use?

Please ensure that you stay within range of the master device during use. Similarly, battery power settings can temporarily put apps to sleep and disconnect Bluetooth if the screen is locked or the app is minimized for periods of time.

Why are additional timing gates not connecting to the master device?

Make sure that the devices are on the same channel. The channel can be changed manually on the devices. By default they are programmed to be on channel 1.

How do I know what channel my timing gate is on?

The default RF Channel is set to one. 

To enter RF Channel mode, hold Button 1 for 3 seconds and release. The device will blink red to indicate the current channel. Press Button 1 to increase the channel number. 

To save the new channel, hold button 1 for 3 seconds and release. Now restart the device. 

All gates need to be on the same channel to communicate.

How many gates can connect to a master device?

Currently the maximum number of peers that can connect to a single master device is 6.


Can I run multiple drills simultaneously?

One mobile device and app will allow only one drill type to be run at a time. Multiple drills can be run using multiple gates on different channels. Each set of gates must connect to a different mobile device and app.

The drill I want is not included in the Timing Mate app

Various drills are available in the Timing Mate app. The ability to add custom drills will be added soon.

How to turn off ECP?

ECP can be turned off in the device settings through the Timing Mate app.

How to adjust distance threshold?

The distance threshold can be adjusted in the device settings through the Timing Mate app.