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Timing Mate vs Swift Performance

    Swift Performance Alternatives: Learn why Timing Mate is better

    Looking for an affordable Swift Performance alternative?

    You’re at the right place.

    Swift Performance and Timing Mate share many similarities. First and foremost, they both let you measure speed, agility and reactivity.

    One difference however is that Timing Mate was designed for affordable precision; whereas Swift Performance caters to the higher-end market, originally starting as a research project from Southern Cross University. This does not mean that Timing Mate isn’t suited for elite and high-performance sport, it definitely is!

    Our core mission statement at Timing Mate is to make high-performance sports tech affordable.

    Below are a couple of reasons why might you consider Timing Mate as a Swift Performance alternative.

    App Compatibility

    Timing Mate supports both Android and iOS devices.

    To use Swift Performance you must download their SYNCRO app. Currently they have “no current plans to release an Android version of SYNCRO”


    As of January 2024, a 4-Gate Timing System for Swift Performance (UNO4 Timing System) costs $9,000 AUD, however, their DUO4 system costs $13,000.

    A 4-Gate Timing Mate System currently costs $1,300 AUD.

    Affordable Precision

    The Swift Performance system has the following stats:

    • Internal Timing Resolution (100us)
    • Split Time Resolution (10ms)
    • Gate Clock Synchronization (+/- 5ms)

    In practical terms, the “true accuracy” of the system for end-users would be influenced by the split time resolution and gate clock synchronization. This means that for activities measured across multiple gates, you could expect a timing accuracy in the range of +/- 5ms due to synchronization variances, with split times being reported in increments of 10ms.

    The Timing Mate system has an accuracy of 1/100th of a second (10ms). This value encompasses our gate clock synchronization of (+/- 5ms) and also our split time resolution of (10ms).

    Cloud-based Software

    Swift Performance has their own cloud service for their products; called Swift Labs.

    Through Swift Labs you are able to manage athletes, coaches, squads and generate performance reports. Depending on the subscription level (BASIC, EXPERT, or PRO), features such as analysis, export and report generation may be restricted. Prices for the EXPERT subscription start at $100 AUD a month.

    At Timing Mate we have two app offerings:

    The TEAMS app provides a much more convenient way to test and train multiple athletes in a session but does have a small monthly fee. We don’t believe in restricting functionality and the only restriction on each plan is the amount of athletes and teams that can be used in a session.

    Our TEAMS prices start at $15/month and we offer discounts for small businesses.

    No Reflector Necessary

    Timing Mate is currently the only laser-based timing gate system on the market that does not require a reflector to use. No more hassles with aligning reflectors and wasting time, you can get training and testing athletes faster!

    We are on a mission to make high-performance sports tech affordable.

    Timing Mate

    NOTE: If Swift Performance gets an update and this article becomes outdated, please email us and we will update it.