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Timing Mate Teams

Timing Mate Teams improves on the Personal app and provides the perfect solution for multi-athlete environments.

Benefits of Timing Mate Teams:

  • Multi-Athlete Management: Effortlessly create profiles for each athlete and organize them into teams.
  • Session Efficiency: Conduct training sessions with multiple athletes, seamlessly switching between participants.
  • Performance Analysis: Track and compare the performance of all athletes, fostering healthy competition and growth.
  • Easy Team Integration: Simplify group training with intuitive setup and easy-to-understand metrics.

Ideal for coaching staff and trainers who handle multiple athletes, Timing Mate Teams brings a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to group training sessions.

Plan Structure

We don’t believe in restricting features based on membership plans. All tiers include the exact same features; the only difference is the amount of Athletes and Teams that can be used in the app.

Trial accounts can be created through the Timing Mate Teams app. They have the restriction of 2 Athletes and 1 Team. Trial accounts can be upgraded to the plans below at any time.



Perfect for small Teams.

5 Athletes

3 Teams



Advanced Tools for moderate Teams

20 Athletes

Unlimited Teams



Perfect for Large and Elite Teams

Unlimited Athletes

Unlimited Teams