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Timing Mate App

How to connect to your device

Once the device is in MASTER mode go to Settings, Bluetooth and Search for your Timing Mate.

How to update display preferences

Display preferences can be updated in Settings, Display Preferences. From here distance display and speed display can be changed from metric to imperial units.

Understanding Gate Layout

Gate layout dictates that starting and end gate for a drill. It is important to set the correct gates so that timing functionality will work correctly. The gates in between are configurable and allow for custom splits. The only gates of importance are the ID for the start and end gate.

Trigger Types

A starting timing gate can be triggered by an in-beam break or a standard out of beam break. Depending on the drill used and application the user can configure this setting. If an in-beam break is selected then the starting gate will only trigger (and start timing) from an in-beam break.

Automatic vs Manual Timing Mode

Manual Timing mode is the default timing mode. It requires the user to manually start/ready the timer each time. In automatic mode the start gate is continually armed and once the ready button has been pressed will allow for continuous hands-free timing operation.